SpicyBae (1kg) Bundle of 3

SpicyBae (1kg) Bundle of 3

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SAVE $20 (Usual $206.4) // Early Bird Ends 16th Jan 2022.

3x Box (1kg) = individual vacuum-sealed pieces of Mala Bak Kwa  // Approx. 16-18 pieces total //

Fulfilment starts from 3 - 29th Jan 2022 //

Best to consume within 3 weeks after receiving product //

Promotion: Receive $90 worth of partner vouchers for every $100 spent (Whilst stock last) 

Why choose us?

Passionate Meat Snackers

Mr Bae is a carnivore at heart, with a passion for all things meat. As meat connoisseurs, we want you to savour nothing but the best Bak Kwa. We aspire to be the leading brand in artisanal Asian jerky, creating lip-smacking Bak Kwa that will leave you wanting more!


SpicyBae - It’s a wonder why no one has thought of this sooner. The fattiness of the bak kwa pairs so well with those aromatic peppers, this is one of my favourites for sure.

If you are a little bit of traditionalist, then Honey Bae with their honey-glazed bak kwa will be your new darling.


Oh my god, this is so good! There's a nuttiness as well, that is very complementary to the bak kwa. I'm just so happy there is somebody who's making it different. Mr Bae is definitely a HUAT!

Food King by Night Owl Cinematics (NOC)


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Dont Bet For Money, Bet for Bak Kwa