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Mr Bae is a carnivore at heart, with a passion for all things meat. As meat connoisseurs, we want you to savour nothing but the best Bak Kwa. We aspire to be the leading brand in artisanal Asian jerky, creating lip-smacking Bak Kwa that will leave you wanting more!
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Bundle (1kg) Spicybae  + (1kg) Honeybae
Bundle (1kg) Spicybae + (1kg) Honeybae
Regular price $137.60 Sale price $124.00 Save $13.60

SAVE $213.6 (Usual $137.6) // Early Bird Ends 16th Jan 2022.

1x Spicybae (1kg) = individual vacuum-sealed pieces of Mala Bak Kwa // Approx. 16-18 pieces total //

1x Honeybae (1kg) = individual vacuum-sealed pieces of Smoked Honey Bak Kwa // Approx. 16-18 pieces total //

Fulfilment starts from 3 - 29th Jan 2022 //

Best to consume within 3 weeks after receiving product //

Promotion: Receive $90 worth of partner vouchers for every $100 spent (Whilst stock last)

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Enjoy attractive prices when you order 20 boxes and above. Free delivery up to 3 locations.

*1 week lead time required.

Please email us at info@mrbaesg.com or WhatsApp us at +65 8787 8155 for more information.

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