About Us

Mr Bae is a carnivore at heart, with a passion for all things meat. As a bona fide foodie with a curious palate, he enjoys exploring new and innovative flavours, producing the best meat recipes to share with the world. All in all, we aspire to be the leading brand in artisanal Asian jerky, creating delectable Bak Kwa treats with exciting flavours for anyone and everyone!

As meat connoisseurs, we want you to savour nothing but the best Bak Kwa. Every creation goes through rigorous rounds of recipe testing as we refine our Bak Kwa for maximum satisfaction. Every piece of meat is treated with tender loving care, fusing tantalizing herbs and spices in a month-long marinade and grilled to juicy perfection. It sounds like a lot of effort, but we believe it’s worth it to produce lip-smacking Bak Kwa that will leave you wanting more.